How often do classes meet, how long are class sessions and how many sessions are included in a class?
Group classes meet for one-hour sessions, once a week. Most classes are 6 weeks (or 6 sessions) long unless otherwise stated in our table of class costs below. Some specialty classes may be only four or five weeks long.

How do I sign up for a group class?
Pre-registration with a $150 deposit is required for basic obedience classes. We accept major credit cards and personal checks. Both over-the-phone and mail-in options for payment are available. Call (646) 339-6831 or email for more information.

What if I have to cancel before my class starts?
If you are unable to attend class, please notify us at least 7 days in advance and KPDT will be happy to return your deposit or class tuition. If you wish to make any changes to your enrollment (as in switching classes or start dates) please let us know at least 5 days in advance so that we may apply your deposit 
to your new choice. We regret that we cannot make any enrollment changes less than 5 days before the start of a new class, nor can any refunds or credits be issued after that time.

I have two dogs. Can I bring them both to class at the same time?
Multiple dog families are welcome as long as each dog is accompanied by his own adult handler 
(16 years or older). However, if your dogs are very closely bonded, it can be difficult for them 
to focus in a class setting. If you suspect this to be the case, we recommended that you enroll 
your dogs in separate classes so that they can each experience some time apart.

If I’m uncertain about which class is right for my dog, can I audit 
the class?
Yes, class audits are recommended as it can be very helpful for owners to see how we work with dogs prior to enrollment. A 5-minute phone conversation is required before an audit.

How old does my dog have to be for a Basic Obedience class?
Any age is welcome, from as young as 10 weeks to senior dogs. We do, however, recommend 
that puppies age 8 to 16 weeks sign up for the Puppy Socialization class first since their ability 
to concentrate is limited.

What training methods do you use?
Positive reinforcement training using a marker—either a clicker or repetition of the word YES—and rewards to reinforce good behavior. Rewards don't always have to be treats; they can be praise, pats, 
or toys. We don't use force or pain to teach, just love, patience, and positive energy. Our methods 
are derived from dolphin training methods developed by Karen Pryor.

What should I bring to class?
A 4-to-6 foot leash, a collar or harness, and some yummy treats and/or a toy for rewarding your pooch. 
NO retractable leashes please.

My vet says I can't take my puppy out before he has finished all his shots. Is that true? Can I still come to class?
Yes, you can still come to class. We only require that puppies have their first round of shots before coming to class, which means they are immunized for that time period, until they are due for their next round. 
If you are especially worried, you can wipe your puppy’s paws off with baby wipes or carry him to and from class in a bag. Most importantly, more and more vets are stressing the importance of early socialization 
for your puppy, before the cycle of vaccinations is complete. Please read the article “Puppy Vaccination and Socialization should go together” by R. K. Anderson, DVM, for more information.

My dog gets really excited around other dogs. Can we still join a group class? Will we be too disruptive?
Many dogs, particularly adolescent and rescue dogs, become extremely excited or aroused in the presence of other dogs and bark or lunge as a result. We incorporate excitable dogs into classes by providing a visual barrier between them and their classmates, which gives them the privacy they 
need to relax and focus on their owners. We also offer you additional training tips for improving your 
dog's ability to remain calm around other dogs…a skill that is crucial in NYC! In extreme cases or for 
dogs with known aggression issues, private training may be required prior to or in lieu of group training.

I have a newly rescued dog. How long should I wait before coming to 
a training class?
Transitioning into a new home can be stressful for a dog. It’s wise to give him a couple of weeks to adjust to his new surroundings before you start your group training since the true layers of a dog’s personality often don't fully manifest until then. However, training is an excellent way to begin building a lifelong relationship with your new canine companion, so we recommend a private lesson in your own home 
during the “adjustment phase.”

How much do classes cost?
Puppy classes start at $40 per class and packages of 4 are available for $150. 
Please visit our Group Classes page for our available classes and current pricing or 
Call (646) 339-6831 or email for more information. 

Do you offer training walks?
Yes! In fact that is what sets Pooch Pals Pet Care apart from most other dog walking services. 
We will reinforce good behavior training on our walks and practice the commands you have learned in class, e.g. heel, sit, stay, look at me, etc. For more information, see the description of our walking and sitting services.

What are the locations for your classes?
Locations and times of classes may change.  
It is best to call (646) 339-6831 or email for more information.

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