Private In-Home Training

Life in New York City comes with its own set of challenges for dogs and their owners. But, despite
what some may tell you, there is no one right way to train or treat your pet. Given the proper preparation, your dog can learn to adjust to your busy schedule and hectic lifestyle…he can even
learn to love city life just as much as you do! Kate will work with you, in the convenience of your
own home and neighborhood, to create a personalized training program just for you that take into account the unique needs and personalities of both you and your pet.

Baby on the Way Program

Congratulations, you’re expecting! It’s great news for you, but what about your pup that is used
to being the apple of your eye? He’ll need some help making the adjustment. Get expert advice
on transitioning your pet before the new baby arrives when you’re sure to have your hands full.
Kate will ensure your dog knows his basic commands—SIT, STAY, OFF, LIE DOWN, LEAVE IT
so that you can easily communicate to your pooch when he needs to be careful and when he needs to leave you and baby alone. We’ll use a life-size baby doll to get your dog used to the idea that
you have something precious in your arms. He’ll also be introduced to baby sounds (from gurgles
cries), baby smells (from wipes to talcum powder) and baby gear (strollers, baby toys versus
dog toys, and much more). Make this a time of joy for you, your newborn and your dog. Training should start 7 months prior to the birth.

Behavior Modification

City life can be both stimulating and stressful for you and your dog. The streets can seem like an obstacle course full of temptations. Your neighbors the next door may not appreciate the canine species, or the noises they make, quite as much as you do. It’s not unusual for difficult behavioral situations to arise
when pets face such a challenging urban environment or while at home. But whatever the issue, there are workable solutions. Kate will show you and your pet how to manage such issues as EXCESSIVE BARKING, TERRITORIAL AGGRESSION, DEFENSIVE BITING, DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR and more.

Puppy Starter Program

Start your life together off right by learning the 5 things you absolutely must do to help your new
dog adjust to your urban lifestyle. Kate will help you prepare yourself and your home for a new addition, covering all the necessities like HEALTH CHECK-UPS, CONTAINMENT AREAS, CRATE TRAINING, HOUSE TRAINING, SOCIALIZATION and WALKING. Get expert advice on critical but sometimes confusing issues like what kind of food to buy, when to start introducing him to other dogs, and what products you really need (versus which ones are just a waste of money) to help your pooch survive and thrive. For puppies or newly adopted adult dogs.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Kate Perry Dog Training at  or call (646) 339-6831 or (646) 267-2696 to leave a message.

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Private Session Rates 
Initial Consultation: $350 (2 hours)  
Follow up visits: $225 (1.5 hrs)
Please contact us for information on packages

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